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Wisconsin 1031 Exchange Investments

1031 tax-deferred DST investing has been a part of the American economy since 1921. Congress lead this effort so investors could defer capital gains taxes while supporting the struggling economy. This allows investors selling properties to direct proceeds towards new investments. By using this investment strategy, the investor will avoid capital gains taxes and decrease profit liability.

We serve the state of Wisconsin and help investors through this process by finding aligned properties to meet wealth goals. As experts, we can guide our clients to the best options while adhering to the Wisconsin 1031 DST Exchange requirements. These investments are wise options no matter what type of economy (bull or bear) we find ourselves in. Seasoned investors can remain confident in their investments as the economy rises and falls by using DST investment solutions.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Older investors who have been participating in the real estate investment space tend to lead when it comes to investment strategy and healthy investment options. DST investing is a concentration on property type rather than typical real estate investment. Every day Americans use the Exchange, and our DST investment firm, to make these options both accessible and unique.

Are you considering a 1031 Exchange investment in Wisconsin? We would love to help you. We are ready to walk you through this process and share the systems that turn our clients’ investments into diverse financial powerhouses.

DST Investments in Wisconsin

Grow Your Wealth with DST Investments

Plan your future estate and protect your wealth with a 1031 Exchange investment in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin 1031 Qualifications + Structure

DST Details and Process

You can participate in the 1031 Exchange as an individual or an entity like an S-corp or LLC. In the Exchange, the property sold and the property you acquire must meet a mutual value. Unlike traditional real estate investments, DST transactions tend to be simple for investors and more complicated on paper. This is because there could be a group of investors working together on one property. The entire system is based on the sale of one property meeting the same value as the one purchased. Your DST advisor will be identifying shared value properties with better return potential than the one you currently hold. The acquired property must be used as a business investment to qualify as an Exchange property.

Timeframes are a factor in doing 1031 Exchange transactions. You have a 45-day window to find an Exchange replacement property. The property transactions must close within 180-days of the sale of the released property. When you work with a DST expert, you have a team working on all the regulations, details, and deadlines.

Experience is Crucial

Hire the Experts

Legally, you need to work with a qualified professional to handle these transactions for you. We have access to the best information and resources to ensure your investments are on track. 

We like to think of ourselves as the next level in real estate investing. Our resources and development of 1031 Exchange investments are why clients choose to work with us. We manage details like third party property reporting, property appraisals, environmental assessments, and more.

It is our job to understand the intricacies of your investment, along with the risks and benefits. Each property gets looked at thoroughly before a client ever sees the investment as a possibility. While we cannot predict the future or understand your specific investment style without a conversation with you, we are adept at getting to the wealth targets your share with us. Our years of experience have given us an edge at advising our clients and guiding them to the appropriate properties. We handle the massive data structures, reporting requirements, and legal documenting you need for a healthy and legally sound investment. 

  • We are 1031 Exchange Advisors in Wisconsin
  • Handle Risk Analysis on all Exchange Properties 
  • Use Due Diligence Assessments and Expert Analysis
  • Historical Research on Markets and Properties
  • Expedited Data Acquisition Presented to Investors 
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Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

There is no mistaking how a DST investment can support Wisconsin investors. These real estate investments have stood the test of time and continue to add value to anyone’s portfolio. Here are the top benefits of adding a 1031 Exchange investment to your financial mix.
  • Clear Tax Breaks – Defer capital gains and protect profits.
  • Increased Cash Flow – Free cash to invest in other aligned options. 
  • Diversification and Consolidation – Expand where your money goes and simplify management with a team.
  • Investments with Longevity –  DST Investments offer one of the best ways to build wealth.
  • Simplify investments – A team that releases your time in management and maintenance.  
  • Expert Advisors – Use the best DST firm in Wisconsin to steer you towards new wealth and generational estate planning.


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