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Capital Gains Calculator

Capital gains taxes are something both new and seasoned investors need to plan for. Since the IRS tax percentages can fluctuate at any time, it’s important to stay in tune with your tax advisor on how this specific tax impacts your investment portfolio. The first point to consider is what kind of investment is a candidate for capital gains. Without citing the confusing language of the IRS this is defined as a ‘chargeable’ person, making a ‘chargeable’ disposal, of a ‘chargeable’ asset. This means whether you sell an asset or gift that asset for non-monetary exchange, the IRS sees this as a valuable asset and will still hit you with capital gains tax.

Investors should consider both short-term and long-term capital gains taxes and calculate their outcomes on investments such as real estate, bonds, or mutual funds. We like to help our clients consider all the factors of their investments and walk them through how to plan for capital gains taxation. This may include deciphering if an investment is worth a longer holding period or if other accounts such as an IRA have a better tax advantage. We also alert clients about maximizing losses to help offset capital gains taxes.

Using our calculator, you can start planning on expectant capital gains taxes. This will help you and your tax advisor on how to minimize those gains ahead of tax day.


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