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We work with you to help identify the most effective investment strategy and provide a free consultation. We’ll develop an individualized 1031 Exchange plan based on your investment needs to maximize your opportunity for deferring taxes. Managing your investment property portfolio has never been so easy! The 1031 Exchange offers a variety of properties to choose from, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and commercial buildings.

1031 Exchanges are complex and require a lot of coordination. This is why we focus on providing comprehensive 1031 Exchange services. We provide end-to-end solutions to fit your needs, including one-on-one assistance throughout the decision process and advice on how to maximize your tax benefits through DSTs and 1031 Exchanges. After serving our valuable clients in Corona Del Mar over the years, we completed numerous successful investments for many local DST investors. Our experts work to provide you with the best 1031 Exchange and DST experience possible.

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    Owning a piece of property through a 1031 DST is an excellent way to reach your financial goals.

    A 1031 Exchange is a property transaction in which investors trade like-kind investment properties. In order to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of an investment property, the investor must reinvest the proceeds in a “like-kind” property within a specific time frame.
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    Like-Kind Property


    The term “like-kind” is broadly defined and includes most types of investment property, including real estate, stocks, bonds, and partnership interests.  Like-kind properties are not limited to similar types of real estate. Investment property exchanged in a 1031 Exchange may also consist of two different but related forms of business entities, including corporations and LLCs. Properties that involve a cross between real estate and non-tradable personal property, such as equipment or motor vehicles, are similarly considered like-kind properties. 

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    Time Restrictions


    In order to qualify for a 1031 Exchange, an investor must identify a “like-kind” replacement property within 45 days of the sale date of the relinquished property. Some exceptions exist if unforeseen circumstances cause a delay in acquiring or completing the replacement property. The time restriction does not include weekends or holidays. To complete a 1031 exchange, you must acquire your new investment by December 31st of the year in which the original investment was sold. In addition to this tax requirement, there may be additional guidelines imposed by financial institutions depending on how an investor chooses to finance his/her new investment.

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    Restrict to Real Property


    A 1031 Exchange can include investment properties such as real estate but does not always have to. The term “like-kind” property is broadly defined and includes most forms of investment property, including stocks and bonds. Some investors choose to use a 1031 Exchange to defer taxes on property that would otherwise be considered personal property, such as equipment or vehicles. Our team works with clients in the Los Angeles area to help identify the most effective investment strategy for their needs.

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    A DST allows for income losses from one investment property to be offset by money coming into an account via capital contributions or other investors’ distributions.
    A DST, or Delaware Statutory Trust, is a real estate investment vehicle that allows for pooling multiple investors’ money to purchase and own income-producing real estate. The investor does not take actual title to real estate, nor are they allowed to manage the property in any way. This means that each party owns a proportionate interest in the assets of the DST and not specific assets themselves.
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    DSTs offer a high level of flexibility, which is especially beneficial for investors who want to purchase real estate but do not have the time or resources to actively manage a property. A DST allows the parties to build relationships that meet their commercial requirements through the DST Trust Agreement (sometimes called the governing instrument), which is a legal document. A trust agreement is required for establishing a DST. The terms of the administrative management of the business and affairs of the statutory trust, as well as those of trustees, beneficial owners, and other persons, may all be included in the agreement.

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    The Delaware Statutory Trust is a creature of state law, which means it can be formed in any state where the trust company conducts its business. The trust company can be located in any state that has enacted the Uniform Trust Code (UTC). As of this writing, all 50 states have enacted some form of the UTC. A DST governing instrument can be any written document with few limitations on its content. The trust agreement does not have to be written in English, and no approval is required from any government body in Delaware to submit such an agreement. This might be a major incentive for business enterprises or private trust holders.

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    The Delaware Statutory Trust Act offers a comprehensive framework for legal reference. It clearly specifies the procedure and regulations for governance. Unlike “common law trusts,” Delaware Statutory Trusts can have statutes that can be reverted to if certain provisions are not fully defined in the trust agreement. As a result, it is significantly easier and faster for a trust holder to obtain answers to his or her questions with a high degree of confidence in a few pages rather than going through hundreds of cases.

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