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The 1031 Exchange is a real estate investment built to broaden investor portfolios. If you are seeking more details about the Exchange in Washington, we have you covered. On this page, you’ll learn the foundations of DST investing and how it can potentially impact you today and for generations to come. For more specifics about your investment situation, reach out to our team, and we can talk about your custom strategy. We take your investment in the Exchange and your business seriously, which is why we create specific structures for each client. The Exchange has a powerful impact on wealth than traditional real estate investments in Washington. We invite you to learn more about our firm below and how DST investing can support your financial vision.

The creation of the Exchange took place in 1921. Congress was tasked with helping the struggling economy through all means, such as investing. Congress passed legislation creating DST investing, making real estate a more favorable option for the wealthy. Since then, this strategy has helped investors grow wealth and keep America’s economy strong. Washington residents use the 1031 Exchange to avoid profit liabilities. This is an ongoing struggle among those who choose to invest the most. Investments also tie up cash, making it a slow climb to cultivate wealth. Our Washington DST advisors walk clients through the processes and legalities of this investment for full transparency.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

There are various property types to choose from in the Washington 1031 Exchange. This includes commercial property, retail chains, multi-plex, and residential options. Investors can also choose to work or with pools of investors to gain access to properties they may not otherwise be able to purchase. If you have ever struggled to accumulate enough profit to purchase new property, you may find the Exchange an ideal outlet for wealth. We match investors based on financial principles and personal risk thresholds. Once you enter the Exchange and purchase a property, your
Washington DST advisor handles the daily details of property management. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about DST investing in Washington and how it fits your wealth-building expectations.

DST Investments in Washington

Grow Your Wealth With 1031 Investments

Maximize the estate planning and protect wealth with a 1031 Exchange investment in Washington.

Washington 1031 Exchange Structure

Property Qualifications and Exchange Details

Here is a snapshot of how DST investments in Washington work. First, we sell a property you already own to gain access to the Exchange, keeping in mind the values must be equal to the one you will purchase. We will handle the Exchange property research and have options for you to choose from. Within 45-days of your property sale, you will need to be in contact with your Exchange property. We then have 180-days to close on the property. Your Exchange property management will be handled by our management and maintenance resources. The ongoing management You’ve likely always handled on your own can now be handled by us.

Our firm and DST advisors wish to understand your vision of prosperity. Each investor is unique, and we know how useless it is to treat our clients the same, given our business is based on results. Our results come from knowing our clients’ vision, and we enjoy building small empires with each of them.

Our firm has spent decades building profitable systems and processes that allow clients to see investments thrive. As we manage the complexities of your investment, we stay in constant communication with you, sharing the trajectory of your DST property. Speaking of DST properties, each one presented to you goes through a series of criteria. This includes knowledge of location performance, market statistics, environmental analysis, and more.

Top Washington 1031 Advisors

To participate in the Washington 1031 Exchange, you need to work with an experienced DST firm. Our Exchange Experts are skilled at locating profitable properties and pooling investors so they can work together.
We offer a straightforward investment experience, which is why Washington investors work with our teams. For years we have collected the top professionals in financial advisement, property management, and investment relations. We execute the legal requirements, compile documents, conduct appraisals, and run investment assessments as needed.
Clients appreciate the level of attention we use to guide and manage their investments. Exchange property deals can often be complex in structure due to the type of properties and number of investors involved. Acquisitions are different from one property to the next. This is why it’s pivotal to work with a DST-specific advisor so your property acquisition thrives.
  • Top Performing 1031 Exchange Firm in Washington
  • Risk and Reward Assessments on Potential Investments
  • Fulfill Due Diligence Requirements and Property Reporting
  • DST Property Market Analysis and Forecasting
  • DST Property Management Experts
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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange

1031 DST investments offer various benefits for Washington residents. Here are the top advantages of entering the Exchange.
  • Tax Benefits – Address capital gains and protect profits.
  • Cash Flow Benefits – Increase cash flow for more property investments.
  • Investment Access – Gain access to profitable investments and investors.
  • Long-Term Outlook – DST investing is ideal for those seeking multi-generational wealth.
  • Freedom – Freedom from property management and investment reporting legalities.
  • Your Exchange Resource – Your source for the best Washington 1031 Exchange investment opportunities.


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