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The Tennessee 1031 Exchange is a real estate investment option that rewards investors by protecting wealth while contributing to better estate planning. Below, you will get details about DST investing in Tennessee and the advantages of entering the Exchange. We are DST investment specialists and guide our clients in real estate investing with Exchange participation. After several years of navigating this investment territory, we have built the systems and processes to maximize profit potential. You have come to the right place if you are a traditional real estate investor or are curious about how the Exchange works. We welcome any questions you may have about the 1031 Exchange in Tennessee. 

In 1921 Congress introduced legislation to start the 1031 Exchange, also known as DST investing. This investment helped America get through a challenging economic time through the power pooled investors. Tennessee investors use the 1031 Exchange to get relief from capital gains taxes and profit liabilities. Our Tennessee-based DST firm will walk you through the processes of DST investing, sharing the systems supporting the financial futures of real estate investors.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

You can enter the 1031 Exchange by purchasing commercial, retail, or residential properties. For example, you or a representative entity can purchase shares of a condo complex. Also, you may invest as an individual using buying power in the real estate marketplace. Once you acquire an Exchange property, your DST advisor will handle much of the day-to-day management of your property. By partnering with us, you will have a partner to support you through the lifespan of your investment.

Tennessee investors find DST investments beneficial for several reasons. One, the relief of tax burdens such as capital gains taxes. Another, the protection of family assets and better estate planning. We know estate planning has been a point of contention for many investors. You will also experience better cash flow, helping you grow wealth or consider other aligned investments. Call anytime to learn more about Exchange investing and to discuss your personal financial goals. 

DST Investments in Tennessee

Grow Profits With 1031 Investments in Tennessee

Maximize the estate planning and wealth with a 1031 Exchange investment in Tennessee

Tennessee 1031 Structure

Investment Details

Below we will discuss how DST investments work and why Tennessee investors are drawn to the Exchange. DST investments were created by the federal government and are regulated through it and your DST firm. To enter the 1031 Exchange, you and your DST adviser will sell a property you own, qualifying you for entrance to the investment. Upon the sale, you will need to find a DST property with an equal value within 45-days. You then have 180 days to close on the property. Our DST firm operates with high standards, expertise, and resources, which is why investors choose us and trust our guidance. We support our clients by handling the day-to-day management and intricacies required by law. We empathize with our clients who have spent years building their real estate portfolios and maintaining their investments. 

We take a genuine interest in working alongside our clients to understand their financial goals. This helps us match properties with the right investor, their style, and their risk and reward thresholds. When you choose to work with our Tennessee DST firm, you will feel confident in our professionalism and standards. DST investing requires legal reporting and details regarding the trajectory of the investment. We do the heavy lifting so our clients can grow wealth while gaining time freedom again. Each property we present to the investor goes through exploratory steps and in-depth research. This research includes environmental factors, data and analytics, market statistics, and financial forecasting.

Top Tennessee 1031 Advisors

To participate in the Tennessee 1031 Exchange, you need to work with an experienced firm that understands how to negotiate and manage these investments.

1031 Exchange properties in Tennessee are represented and accessed by DST investment firms. You can consider properties and investors who participate in the Exchange and work together to reach better returns. This is why it’s pivotal to work with a top-notch DST firm in Tennessee. Since these investments are often complex, we build a team to take on the details from the mundane to management.

If you have found profit liabilities a source of frustration, we encourage you to consider DST investing. Real estate takes significant time, research, and insights. Our firm aims to handle the negotiations, reporting, management, and other time-consuming tasks, so you don’t have to. While you access new cash flow and profits, we help you avoid things like capital gains taxation. Other items we handle include expert property management, reporting requirements, property appraisals, and other regulatory record keeping.

Investors appreciate the freedom they get back through the Exchange due to our property management and investment oversight. Our decades of experience make our clients feel their investment is in goods hands. Here are a few details about 1031 investments and working with us.
  • We Are a Top Performing DST 1031 Exchange Firm in Tennessee
  • Risk Assessment and Financial Forecasting Services
  • Due Diligence and Market Analysis  
  • Market Data Collection for Maximize Growth
  • Full Management of Tennessee Exchange Investments
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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange in Tennessee

1031 DST investments offer benefits through the Exchange in Tennessee. Here are the top benefits of acquiring a DST property in our state.
  • Tax Benefits –  Avoid capital gains tax and plan your estate.
  • Cash Flow – Welcome investment opportunities with new cash flow.
  • DST Process – Guidance from DST professionals for building wealth.
  • Long-Term Strategy – Build a long-term strategy for wealth and financial security.
  • Freedom – Let go of day-to-day menacing management of your real estate investments.
  • Your Exchange Resource – Your source for the best Tennessee 1031 Exchange investment opportunities. 


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