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The 1031 Exchange in Ohio is an investment opportunity for persons seeking to expand their financial portfolios and address profit liabilities. If you are seeking additional information about DST investing, you’ve made it to the right place. Our firm works with investors who want access to DST properties in Ohio. We guide them about how the Exchange works and help them navigate the investments based on their financial future. DST investments have benefits beyond traditional real estate investments, which typically keep individual investors busier than they would like. We welcome you to learn more about our firm and would be happy to help you with any questions you might have about DST investing in Ohio.

DST investments were introduced in 1921 when Congress realized they would need to make the investment environment more favorable for wealth-building individuals. Congress passed legislation creating the Exchange, which helped the American economy. Ohio investors use the 1031 Exchange to avoid capital gains taxes and assist in estate planning. DST investments will often eliminate significant profit liabilities and address things like limited cash flow. Unlike some investments that tie up cash, DST investing opens cash flow, increasing investment opportunities. An Ohio DST firm will walk you through the process and support you through the life of your investment in the 1031 Exchange. 

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Investors participating in the Exchange can buy and sell commercial or residential properties. You can purchase as an individual or as partners with other investors, such as an S-Corp. How you invest in the Exchange depends on your personal financial goals and risk thresholds. Some investors feel confident in acquiring commercial retail space with pools of investors. Others feel more comfortable in the multiplex space, like a condominium project. We help you find the best properties that align with your financial goals. Once you enter the Exchange, your DST advisor will handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of the property. This is noteworthy for real estate investors. Typically investors are responsible for the management and maintenance of a property, which can be a taxing commitment. Feel free to give us a call to learn more about Exchange investments and how they can fit into your financial future. 

DST Investments in Ohio

Grow Your Wealth With 1031 Exchange Investments

Maximize the estate planning with a 1031 Exchange investment in Ohio.

Ohio 1031 Investment Structure

Property Qualifications and Exchange Details

Here is a simplified snapshot of how DST investments in our state work. First, together we will identify an appropriate property to sell to enter the Exchange. Then, we work to locate a property of equal value within 45-days. From there, we have 180-days to close on your DST property. Finally, we handle the management of your investment. That means we conduct all of the reporting requirements, financial forecasts or projections, and conduct property management services on your behalf.

There are various benefits to DST investing in Ohio, depending on the type of goals that you have. We start by asking a lot of questions and what you envision from your financial portfolio. We then match properties that align with your ideal vision and financial goals. The Exchange will open up new profit realizations that you may not have realized were available to you.

Our job is to manage the complexities of your investment and keep you updated throughout the progression of your property. Unlike traditional investment property, where your realtor may check in on you from time to time, we build a relationship with you for the life of your investment. 

Before our clients consider a 1031 investment, we go through the details of each property to vett its potential for our investors. This includes items like historical records, data analysis, analytics, and projection of profits. 

Top Ohio 1031 Advisors

To participate in the Ohio 1031 Exchange, you must work with an experienced management firm. We aim to produce the best outcomes for your investments, which is why we have built specific resources for this financial tool.

We offer a streamlined investment experience, which is why Ohio investors want to work with our firm. As you’re likely aware, real estate investing requires a significant amount of attention, patience, and expertise. When you work with one of our Ohio DST advisors, you have a partner handling the day-to-day management of your property. We compile and report on property management data, handle environmental reporting, conduct appraisal coordination, historical research, and various analyses for your investments.  

Each of our investors is confident about our investment strategies because we have a successful track record. Property acquisitions are easier for our investors to enter, however, the deals can often be complex and customized. We use decades of data and analytics to understand these investments and how to successfully manage them for maximum potential. Here are a few details about 1031 investments and working with us.

  • Top Performing 1031 Exchange Firm in Ohio
  • Conduct Risk + Reward Assessments on 1031 Investments 
  • Fulfill Due Diligence Reporting and Legalities
  • Market Analysis on Properties We Propose to Investors
  • 360 Degree Property Management  Services

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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange

1031 DST investments offer benefits through the Exchange in Ohio. Here are the top benefits of acquiring a 1031 Exchange property.
  • Tax Benefits –  Address capital gains and protect profits for the family’s financial future.
  • Cash Flow Benefits – Free up cash and invest in other 1031 properties or assets. 
  • DST Investment Process – Gain access to unique properties and pools of investors. 
  • Long-Term Strategy –  There are no limitations on how many DST properties you can own, which creates a long-term investment strategy.
  • Freedom – Free yourself from property management commitments and ongoing maintenance.
  • Your Exchange Resource – Your source for the best Ohio 1031 Exchange investment opportunities. 


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