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DST investing can secure future profits and relieve yourself of tax burdens that you might otherwise not see with traditional real estate investing. This opportunity, called the 1031 Exchange, helps maximize profits and create a structure to support your estate planning. Traditional real estate property sales come with management and profit liability. If you decide to participate in the Exchange, you can get relief from both challenges.
In 1921, Congress enacted legislation to create the 1031 Exchange. This legislation helped in stimulating the economy during challenging times. The creation of DST investing worked and helped the country and investors grow their wealth. When you expand your investment options with a DST property or several, you create a new financial structure and management system for yourself and your family. You can participate as a buyer, entity like an S Corp, or partnership within the DST Exchange. You can also invest in as many properties as you wish in the Exchange. There are no limits on how many properties you can own.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Investors represent billions in real estate investments every day, and the Exchange is your chance to step into this circle alongside them. We align investors with the appropriate properties, commercial and/or residential, for the best outcomes. Some Exchange properties require pooling, which can often be a great benefit on properties that are otherwise too pricey to purchase alone. Feel free to reach out to us about these investments and how they may fit into your portfolio. 

DST Investments in Michigan

1031 Investments Details

Utilize the 1031 Exchange to protect wealth and build healthier estate plans in Michigan.

Michigan 1031 Structure

Property Principles

You might be wondering how to start investing in the 1031 Exchange in Michigan, and that starts with working with a DST firm. This type of investment is more streamlined for the investor but more complex in nature. A DST advisor can handle all the intricacies and details of your investment from purchase to sale. You have to work with a firm to gain access to the Exchange. The level of care and consideration we offer clients is second to none. We take pride in treating each individual with focused financial goals and align them with the expertise that built our firm. Exchange properties that come through our firm have been vetted and undergone extensive research. We provide the property research, handle negotiations, construct analysis, and manage the property to ensure you know your investment trajectory.
DST properties are a part of a system that must be adhered to, to qualify for the Exchange. First, we help you identify a property to sell that will get you into the Exchange. Upon the sale of your property, we seek an Exchange property within 45-days. We then have 180-days to close on your DST investment property in Michigan. This structure allows you to free cash flow, address capital gains taxes, and perhaps seek other investments that align with your financial goals.

Top Michigan 1031 Advisors

Reach out to us today and learn more about DST investing in Michigan. Our qualified firm is ready to walk you through the process and show you what is possible.
When you choose our firm, you are getting the top professionals in the 1031 Exchange in Michigan. We spend hours on details like property analysis, historical data, environmental tracking, financial records, and more. Once we get you through the purchase of your property, we will then make a plan to manage that property for you. Real estate investors appreciate this difference from traditional real estate investing after several years of managing these properties.
Our goal is to keep your Michigan DST investment simple for you. We keep you well informed through the life of your investment with regular reporting and feedback. Here are some other considerations when working with us on 1031 Exchange investments.
  • Get the Best Access to the 1031 Exchange in Michigan
  • Financial Reporting, Data, and Documentation
  • Protect Your Investment with a Due Diligence DST Firm.
  • Market Analysis on 1031 Exchange Properties.
  • Strategy for Capital Gains Taxation and Financial Estate Planning

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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange

There are various benefits of entering the Exchange with a DST investment in Michigan. Here are some of those benefits:
  • Tax Benefits – Avoid capital gains and reduce profit liability.
  • Cash Flow – Use cash flow for other investments.
  • DST Profits – Access higher-income earning properties.
  • Long-Term Strategy – Purchase multiple DST properties.
  • Freedom – Eliminate real estate investment management and maintenance.
  • Your Exchange Resource – Your source for the best Michigan 1031 Exchange investment opportunities.


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