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Idaho 1031 Exchange Investments

In 1921, Congress built a market strategy to help stimulate the economy called the 1031 Exchange. That strategy is still working today and is used by thousands of Idaho residents. 1031 investments, or DST investments, are a significant way to grow wealth and protect family estates. Not only do you get the tax incentives of this investment, but it also frees up your cash flow to invest in other ways. An Idaho investor can use the 1031 Exchange to roll over properties as they would with other real estate investments for profit, but with better profit protections and capital gains avoidance.

As you likely know, when you reap significant profits from property investment, you can wipe a lot of those profits out through the capital gains tax. The DST investment allows you to reinvest in properties without getting hit with those financial disadvantages.

Individuals, entities, and partnerships can use this Exchange as a strategy to avoid capital gains taxes, which helps eliminates the liability of investments with significant profit. We serve Idaho residents by sharing specific 1031 Exchange properties that help investors reach investment goals. DST properties must adhere to specific regulations of the Exchange, and we guide clients through every step of that process with transparency.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Maintaining real estate investments comes with considerable management. DST investments are different in that you will not have to manage your investment property. We handle these details for our clients, as many properties may have several investors. You will need to work with a DST investment firm to gain access to these properties, and that is where we come in.

If you’re seeking ways to minimize tax burdens or you’re trying to plan your estate, we would love to talk to you about using the Exchange to help you do these things better. Give us a call today and keep reading to learn more.

DST Investments in Idaho

Grow Wealth as an Idaho Investor

Maximize the estate planning process and secure wealth with a 1031 Exchange investment in Idaho.

Idaho 1031 Qualifications + Structure

Property Qualifications

Qualifying for the Exchange isn’t complicated. You can be an individual participating or a part of an entity like an S Corp or LLC. You can also enter a DST investment through a partnership. You’ll then target a property to sell and seek a new one of equal value to replace it. The new property might be a commercial space or multiplex residential property. Often, investors will pool together to get access to more profitable properties that may not be financially possible alone. You’ll have 45 days to find a property to purchase in the Exchange. You’ll then have 180-days to close on that property. After the property closes, we will manage it for you and report back on your investment and its trajectory.

A DST property firm, like ours, will handle everything from start to finish. Meaning, we will have researched properties, conducted analysis on them, work through appraisals or environmental reports, and then track that property through its investment cycle.

1031 Experience is Necessary

Hire 1031 Exchange Experts

Our firm has a successful track record with DST investing. We have the resources and expertise to take clients through the entire process with confidence. This protects you, knowing that you have many eyes on your investment through its lifecycle with you.
We have developed processes and systems to acquire and manage DST investments in Idaho. The investment is simple for our clients since we manage the properties and handle the transactions, but it’s complex and requires a team of experts who understand the market for the Exchange.
Our mission is to understand a property through and through before you ever see it as an investment opportunity. While we cannot predict the future, our decades of data and research help us guide our investors to financial success. Our hours of analysis, research, data assessment, risk assessments, and more give our clients the confidence they need to invest in the Exchange.
  • Exceptional 1031 Exchange Advisors in Idaho
  • Extensive Risk/Benefit Analysis on DST Investments 
  • Due Diligence Assessments
  • Historical Analysis of Market, Economy, and Properties.
  • Data Acquisition Reporting to Investors 
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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange

DST properties support Idaho investors who need varying benefits. When compared to other investment options, 1031 Exchange properties lead investment strategy for many reasons. Here are the top benefits of acquiring an Idaho 1031 Exchange investment.
  • Tax Breaks – Deferring capital gains taxes is crucial for most investors who seek to maximize profits.
  • Increase Cash Flow – Cash can be used to keep your investments working for you by opening up new investment opportunities.
  • Diversification and Consolidation – A DST property will enrich your portfolio and streamline the management of your investment. 
  • Longevity –  1031 investments are exceptional for building wealth. Also, you can acquire as many Exchange properties as you would like. 
  • Simplify investments – Our team handles all the intricacies of DST property acquisition and management. 
  • Your Exchange Resource – Your source for the best Idaho 1031 Exchange investment opportunities.


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