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California 1031 Exchange Investments

The 1030 Exchange is a specific investment designed for California investors who are expanding their portfolio. They can diversify their financial outlook or seek tax deferments on their profits. The Exchange has been around since 1921 and was created by Congress to stimulate the economy through investors. As of today, DST investments are still a popular way to build wealth and lessen tax burdens. This is something that traditional real estate investments don’t always do. The only way to participate in the Exchange is to work with a DST advisor.

A 1031 DST advisor or firm will help you gain access to properties available for the Exchange. These are unique properties purchased by either an individual, an entity, or a partnership. One of the most unique things about DST properties is gaining access to the higher-value property by working with other investors. These might be properties that are too expensive to purchase solo, but through the power of multiple investors, you can see a better profit margin.

The most valuable aspect of a 1031 exchange property is that someone else manages the property for you, freeing you up from the day-to-day management of traditional real estate investments. Ready to learn more about a 1031 property investment? Keep reading below, or give us a call today.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Each investor is different, and we aim to match Individuals to the right properties that will yield them their desired outcomes. This means that we do data analysis, research, and historical investigating for our clients. All of these things are an important factor when putting together this type of investment. You’ll want to work with a highly knowledgeable team with a proven track record in successful DST investment.

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DST Investments in California

1030 Exchange and Building Wealth

A 1031 Exchange investment in California for Growing Wealth.

California 1031 Structures

Exchange Property Qualifications

Real estate has always been a smart investment, and it will continue to be an ideal place to build your wealth. 1031 Exchange properties are similar to traditional real estate investments but offer the investor more advantages and benefits. Not only can you work with other investors to purchase higher-priced properties with larger return potential, but you also will not have to manage that property. For those in California who have been managing real estate investments, this may be highly attractive.

Here is a snapshot of how the Exchange works. You sell a real estate investment property and have 45 days to locate a 1031 Exchange property. You then have 180 days to close on that property. Both properties need to be equal in value. The Exchange property will have greater profit potential.

When you work with our team, we handle all of the details of the investment transaction. This includes locating the ideal property that best matches up to your desired outcomes. We conduct the historical research, data acquisition, analysis, profit forecasts, and more before entering into the 1031 Exchange property agreement. We look out for our clients by learning about their total financial picture. We want to help with things like capital gains tax and placing freed-up cash into other appropriate investments. We pay close attention to the regulations regarding 1031 Exchange properties and manage your property from the close of the sale to the bill of sale.

1031 Experience Professionals

1031 Exchange Experts
California 1031 Exchange investments are complex transactions but far more simple for the investor. Our goal is to work side-by-side with investors so they can be as involved as they want to be.
Each Exchange investor that we work with is treated differently because every investor has different goals. When we work with California real estate investors we tailor their Exchange deals to their specific investment goals. We give our investors access to the best strategies, analysis, data, processes, and management for these transactions. These are just a few reasons California investors choose us.
Before placing any type of property in front of a client, it goes through strict scrutiny before it’s considered a potential investment. This includes all of the risks and rewards aspects of the investment. We seek solutions for our clients because we are committed to helping them build wealth over long periods of time. Here are some additional reasons to work with us:
  • Experienced 1031 Exchange Advisors.
  • Data-driven firm that considers all facets of a 1030 investment.
  • Estate planning consideration through due diligence. 
  • Matching 1030 Exchange properties to the right investors.  
  • Full-service reporting and management for straightforward financial gain.

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Benefits of the 1031 Exchange

When an investor works with a skilled team, They will always have better outcomes with their California 1031 exchange properties. Here are the top benefits of acquiring a California 1031 Exchange investment.
  • Tax Advantages -Target capital gains taxes By investing in the Exchange. 
  • Cash Flow – Make additional 1031 investments or place cash towards other investments Using freed-up cash flow. 
  • Diversity and Simplification –  simplify your Investments by having someone else manage your properties while diversifying your portfolio.
  • Longevity – There is no limitation on how many DST properties you can own in California. So investors will invest and reinvest in the Exchange over long periods for maximum profits. 
  • Simplify Investments – The perfect investment for those who no longer want to deal with property management.
  • Exchange Resource –  California-based Exchange specialists


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