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Alabama 1031 Exchange Investments

1031 tax-deferred exchanges have been a part of the American economy since 1921. This congress lead effort aimed to stimulate the economy so investors could defer capital gains taxes. Investors who sell properties direct proceeds toward new investments within a specific timeframe of their sale. Thus, what would historically be a capital gains tax is then rolled into another investment eliminating the liability.

We serve the state of Alabama, helping investors through this process and finding aligned properties to meet their wealth goals while adhering to the Alabama 1031 DST exchange requirements. These investments continue to be a superior choice in both volatile and healthy economies, making them a desirable choice among seasoned investors.

“Today, individual investors and limited partnerships control more than $7 trillion in residential and commercial rental property.” — Forbes

Those who drive many of these investments are the “Boomer” generation. They tend to focus on “property type” to invest in rather than buying investment real estate. This investment can be utilized by everyday Americans, who use qualified professionals to help them with more complicated details. The 1031 investment is accessible to anyone in the market.

Are you considering a 1031 Exchange investment? We would love to help you. We are ready to walk you through this process and explain how they work according to your specific situation.

DST Investments in Alabama

Grow Your Wealth

As you move through your estate planning process, protect your wealth with a 1031 Exchange investment in Alabama.

Alabama 1031 Qualifications + Structure

Like-Kind Criteria

You can qualify for a 1031 Exchange as an individual or an entity like an s-corp or LLC. In this deferred exchange, the property relinquished, and the property you wish to acquire must meet a mutual value. These transactions tend to be more complicated but offer a level of flexibility, unlike other real estate investments. You can release a property and also acquire a new one so long as it’s like-kind. The acquired property must be used for trade and business investment purposes, to be qualified for the exchange.

Time limits are an important factor in doing 1031 Exchange deals. You have a 45-day window to find a new replacement property. The deal must be complete within 180-days of the sale of the released property. When you work with a team like ours, you have a team working to ensure you adhere to all the regulations and deadlines.

Experience is Crucial

Hire the Experts
It is paramount you work with a qualified professional to handle these transactions for you. We have access to the best information and requirements to ensure your investments are on track.
We like to think of ourselves as the next level in real estate investments. Our research and development of 1031 exchange investments in Alabama are why clients choose to work with us. Again, we are next-level advisors. Each detail like a third party property report, appraisals, environmental factors, and more; is a significant part of what we handle for our clients.
It is our job to understand the benefits of your investment, but even more paramount, we understand the risks. Our analysis of risks and benefits gets looked at thoroughly before a client ever sees the investment possibilities. While we cannot predict the future, we are highly aware and adept at how the exchange is forecasted over time. Our experience plays a role in how we advise our customers. We handle the massive data structures, getting you access to the best properties possible.
  • We are Next Level 1031 Exchange, Advisors
  • Extensive Risk Analysis on all Exchange Properties
  • Due Diligence Assessments to Protect Clients
  • Historical Outlooks of Market, Economy, and Properties.
  • Expedited Data Acquisition Presented to Investors
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Benefits of a 1031 Exchange

There is no mistaking how a DST investment can support Alabama investors. There are truly no other real estate investments that have stood the test of time and continue to lead, among other options. Here are the top benefits of using a 1031 Exchange investment.
  • Clear Tax Breaks – Deferred capital gains is one of the most sought out investments since the early 1920s
  • Increased Cash Flow – More money is in your portfolio, which you can use to keep your investment tracking.
  • Diversification and Consolidation – Expand where your money goes and focus on where you’re headed.
  • Investments with Longevity –  There is no limit to how many of 1031 Exchanges you can have. Best for wealth Building.
  • Simplify investments – Have a team release time and dollar factors. 
  • The Right Team – When you have the right team, they can steer you towards your wealth.


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